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Lots of people asked me: Yoga?! You?  And honestly, I did ask myself the same question now and then. But curiosity and an exploring mind kept me, as a down-to-earth hydrologist, on the yoga path. My research led me along different yoga styles, while searching for more. A couple of years ago I ended up at the yoga teacher training Amitabha. This was what I was looking for: down-to-earth, clear, integrated and with a well developed framework.

In my classes I want people to feel what their body can tell them. Your body is the mirror of your life. Each day it is different, but every day full of information! It gives you insight in your reactions and how you deal with stress. You can use this information to deepen your relaxation and to feel stronger and more peaceful. For me down-to-earth, stability, peace, confidence and connection are words indissolubly linked to yoga.

I guess, I will never stop learning, but this is a part of what I have done so far:

  1. -Yoga teacher training Amitabha (Maartje van Hooft, 2016)

  2. -Meridianyoga (Maartje van Hooft, 2012)

  3. -Breath and relaxation, method Van Dixhoorn (Yvonne Esser, 2012)

  4. -Yoga Nidra (Maaike Chavanu, 2013)

  5. -Aerial yoga (YourBalance, 2017)

  6. -Restorative Yoga (current training with Lizzie Lasater, 2016/2018)

  7. -Dynamic Spiral & Yin Fascial Yoga (current training with Beta Lisboa & Sai Calder, 2018)