Yoga & Aplomb

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Youqi uses the method ‘Aplomb’ in her yogaclasses. Aplomb, is a technique, which learns your body to align with gravity in such a way that your body can find its natural posture and you can be in maximum relaxation during  postures and movement. It improves your stability and balance both physically and mentally.

In class we do exercises to locally free and release tension from the body. This tension often builds up in specific parts of the body, like neck/shoulders, groins and lower back. Next we will activate and strengthen those muscles important for a natural posture and core stability. Yoga asana’s and flows are taught stepwise to feel the power of this relaxed and stable core.

The combination of relaxation, alignment and effortless moving is distinctive for Aplomb. It gives you insight in how you deal with stress. You are challenged to change these habits and to improve your stability and balance. It brings you in contact with your body and with your inner stability and strength.


Stability, relaxation, effortless: Aplomb!